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Excellent Job

I was charged in federal court with serious drug offenses and was looking at a mandatory minimum of ten years to life. Mr. Crawford was able to investigate my case and ultimately convince the government to dismiss my case entirely. Mr. Crawford did an excellent job for me and my family and he will do the same for you.

-Oscar G.

Fought for My Rights

I was charged in federal court with filing false and fraudulent tax returns. Mr. Crawford took my case to trial and convinced eleven of the twelve jurors that I was not guilty. The jury hung and ultimately Mr. Crawford was able to get my case dismissed. Mr. Crawford fought for my rights and stood up to the federal government and won.

-Rodney M.

He Gave Me Back My Life

I was charged in a serious drug case where I was looking at a lot of prison time. Mr. Crawford, through his investigation and determination was able to convince the judge to sentence me to probation. This was the best outcome I could have every dreamed of. He gave me back my life.

-Juan P